October 22, 2014

Are you aligning Training with Performance?


Focus Training on Performance

As a learning leader it is important to understand how to best align your training activities with the performance goals of your organization.  To do this, we need to be sure that we always keep performance as the goal, communicate transparently and clearly, and think of learning as a process, not an event. This can be challenging, because a lot of we do looks and feels like an event.  

It feels like those of us who analyze roles, design and develop curriculum, facilitate a course, and evaluate the success for that course, assume that we have "performance" as our main focus.  But unfortunately, it can be elusive.  We can find a great concept and really focus on delivering that concept, hoping the learner will take it back to the workflow they live in on a daily basis.

Measure the Learners Performance

We also have to be careful that we don't get caught up in worrying about measuring ourselves.  When we look at the data we have, we tend to want to focus on how training activities went, how did we do, did they like us. But this takes the focus away from the performance of the employees. Can they perform the task(s) we taught them?

Communicate their Performance to the Field

We need to be able to communicate clearly to the business unit...

here is how your staff is performing and if at all possible, be part of the performance communication when they are back in the field.

Are you aligning your training with performance?

September 13, 2014

Learning about Big Data

The emerging field of big data is being hyped everywhere. I too, am pretty excited about what is happening and even more excited about the potential it represents. The big data movement is primarily about leveraging unusually large amounts of data in a way to make better decisions.

Some of the more notable examples being referred to include Moneyball, where the data showed that on-base percentage was a better predictor of runs, then the traditional batting average in Major League Baseball and the NetFlix competition for a movie recommendation system and similarly Amazon’s website.  Others that may not be as notable, such as IBMs work with a beverage retailer that looked at hyper local events (social media postings about soccer practice ending), the weather (sales above 70 degrees), and other relative data points. In this case they analyzed over a billion points of data that could potentially impact consumer behavior.

Today, there is more and more investment in capturing and analyzing data. Communities like these are getting more popular.  These are interesting times.      

July 27, 2013

You've Got Mail, A Business Model?

I tend to have a lot of business ideas, some good, some not so marketable.  For example, I once thought of an idea to create a bar or restaurant built around a go-cart track where patrons were able to drink and drive. Think about racing a go-cart around a track after having a few drinks, your friends cheering you on... anyway... I don't drink or would ever encourage folks to drink so I'll probably leave that to someone else... 

My latest business idea is one on a much smaller scale, but I think it is a real problem.  Most enterprises won't let you enable your work email on your personal phone citing security issues.  So that forces many of us to carry two phones. Yuck.  

However, most still allow access through their email service web access. So, you can browse your work email through the browser on your smartphone and still be within your company's security policy.  The downside to going through the browser is there is no alerts to know if "You've Got Mail".  It takes time to go through the login process just to see if you have new emails.

I think an iphone/android app be created that could connect to an enterprise email service and just get the meta-data of an email. name, time, unread.... and that is it.  It can't access any additional information. 

I guess providing your credentials to the service would be the problem. Maybe you could leverage some type of single-sign-on solution. I'm not sure.

I would get that app. so I could go to the go-cart racing bar with just a single phone and still get a ping when my boss had sent out a weekend update.

October 5, 2012

Kahn at Google

Great video of Salmon Kahn talk about his Khan Academy and his thoughts on education as a whole.  I that it was interesting to hear his thoughts on credentialing.

October 5, 2011

Thanks Steve


Not that I will have anything to add to the news that Steve Jobs has passed away, but I will say that I certainly admired his passion from afar. Many times, as an entrepreneur I turned to Apple to look at how they did it, and made myself determined that this was the standard I wanted to set. I wanted to make something that people would be passionate about, something that was better then anything they could have asked for or even known that they wanted. I rarely achieved, let alone hit that standard time and again.

I am so impressed with the commitment to excellence.

Thanks, Steve.

August 2, 2011

Using the new MacBook Air

I made the jump and spent money that has taken me years to save and bought the new 13" MacBook Air.  After two days.... I love it.  It is so nice.  Of course the form factor is great and the new Lion OS is really nice. I have been downloading Mac Apps and Chrome Apps and podcasts.

It is so thin, I slid it into my laptop case, with the other monster Dell laptop already in there.  This is the first "personal" laptop I have bought for myself in over 12 years, because I always get them through work.

Also a quick note on the Apple Store experience, it is amazing. I just spent the last 6 to 7 months working on  a customer service training project and let me tell you, Apple has it down.  We spent hours just talking through the new features of Lion.

I really hope that this laptop will allow me to get back to writing and even allow me to start programming. I want to create web content and build my own apps one day.

So, I am an Apple fanboy. Always have been.  And with cool technology like this.... always will be.

May 24, 2011

All about Dynamic Views for Readers - Blogger Help

All about Dynamic Views for Readers - Blogger Help

The Dynamic Views in Blogger is really cool. I don't know if it is new, but it let's you have an overview of blog content.