November 1, 2014

Getting Started with Tableau

Collecting Data

To begin working with Tableau, I decided to pull some West Virginia Department of Education data. The WVDE has a limited set of data that it makes available here.  The dataset that I grabbed was around graduation rates. I particular, looking at the percentage of students that graduated in 4 years.

The website defines it here....

defines a high school graduate as "a student who has received a regular diploma in either four years or five years as part of the four-year adjusted cohort or the five-year adjusted cohort." Students earning high school credentials by obtaining a high school equivalency diploma or a modified diploma are not considered graduates for the purpose of the graduation data.

There wasn't really any integration with the base data set.

Analysis in Tableau
The first step is to connect Tableau to your data. I did that be simple by connecting to the excel file. I did edit the column titles to help me once it was in Tableau.

(sorry iOS users this is in Flash, I will try to find a better tool)

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In this video I walk through a very basic set of configurations to be able to see some data.  No real analysis, but it shows you what you can do pretty quickly.

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