October 12, 2004


Another day in the books for Training Fall 2004. I thought that today was really interesting. As noted I participated in some really interesting sessions.

Does anyone know how to do a blogroll? Is that something that I can only get with a paid blogger service? I would like to put links to blogs that I read. That might be good.

I am pretty tired. Be engaed for 14 hours straight is pretty straining. I was on a call with a new client this morning (with people back east), ran to make the first session, and had a few calls in between sessions, and sat through vendor sessions during down time. I did take a minute to run over to Starbucks for a Jones Soda. (Starbucks seems to be a reoccuring theme in my life.)

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  1. http://www.blogrolling.com/

    Check out that website, should push you in the right direction.