October 11, 2004

First Session Monday, 8:30am

Workflow Learning Symposium
This session focused on what workflow learning might look like and attempted to pull together ideas from the audience to see what we thought about the concept. Jay Cross started the session then quickly turned it over to John Kelly. John discussed issues regarding the uncertainty of workflow learning and posed questions such as "What's its value?", Do you think it will happen? What if you had to predict? What are your assumptions?

John indicated that benefits will be the conversations that we have discussing the questions proposed on a handout. In hind-sight, I totally agree. I was at a table with people of various backgrounds, one of which was Brad Cooper, founder of Plateau Systems who was a wealth of knowledge. I tended to agree with most of what he said. The questions where a series of Do you think [something to do with workflow learning] will happen in [timeframe].

We discussed the question as a group and then voted. There were 13 issues, we made it through four before we got the 1 minute to go sign. We then just took a rapid vote on the rest. If I find time I'll try to go back through and post the questions and recall some of the issues.

The session was pulled back together and each table posted a color tab on a sheet to see where each small group voted. It was quite interesting. There were definintely some different view points.

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