October 12, 2004

Mid-day Tuesday.

I am at the conference and reflecting on my entries. This blog would probably be better if I did more reflecting and less sharing of my notes. I will try to adjust. The morning session on the information revolution was great.

SPEAKER: David Weinberger, Author, Cluetrain Manifesto

He had many excellent points that really required me to reflect on the state of information sharing and human interaction. He discussed how we interact with information on the web and discussed blogs and wikis as two tools that in a way make that a better interface.

A couple of interesting comments... all students are collaborating on their school work, (cheating in the eyes of their teachers), meta data should not be explicit, and that social networks provide concepts in shades of gray. Knowledge is not an object to be placed in someone's head.

Pretty cool. We are currently working one a project that will try to facilitate this with both formal and informal content "weaved" around specific topics. Our term is "content tracks".

In my other session, we discussed how to weave the learning event around the workflow or tasks, so that they can directly improve performance....

So I take this to mean that I have to analyze our clients task or process, convince them to change it if it is not currently efficient of effective, then develop a learning object that can either teach or support that task, then put that into a tool that doesn't require the IT department to do anything.... and because we are in the government marketplace.... be the low-cost bidder. This all from an RFP that was for 6 courses in Recruiting.

Time to eat.....

If your reading, make some comments.

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