October 13, 2004

Signs of Life

Someone responded to my blog. Very cool. I took a cab into the conference this morning, my feet hurt too much to walk....

Last night I began to think through workflow learning and the impact that it might have on small business. A couple of issues came to mind.

1. Immature Processes
2. People with Multiple roles, and
3. lack of resources.

This may require the technology-based training solution to possibly provide a process. The other issue is that one individual in small business does every process, until there are enough resources for another person, then three, and so forth. However, I've also noticed that small business leadership, in order to save money will take-on the support roles (financial, administrative) and the new business development role in order to keep overhead costs down.

This would have implications of how the training is structured, when it would be delivered, and the amount of resources that could be put toward the implementation or support system. Although it would seem that a technology-based performance support tool for small business has some real possibilities... All of these issues are addressable.

An interesting thought.... now that courseware is a commodity, it will undoubtedly trickle down due to cost reductions to small businesses and I actually think that is a good thing.
This will be low cost, maybe not-so-effective training, instead of no training or government sponsored Small Business Development Centers who say at the first session, do you have a business plan? At the second session, Do you have a business plan?.... And so forth. At least it will be some training in the right direction.

What do you think?


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