May 16, 2005

PSP Media Format

While there is always a way around the technical problems. It would seem that Sony would want to open up the platform or device to allow users to add value. It would be a lot easier to convince some one to purchase the PSP if they could add value. Wasn't this lesson already learned (Microsoft vs Apple?). I don't know.

I still think that the PSP is an awsome device and can be a critical tool for learning. We are currently working on creating some content, in the form of learning objects, for the PSP. I hope that we can get this out for our customers to see. Once we have created a process for creating content for the PSP we will begin to foucs on accountability. Can we synch back with the LMs? Do we need to? It will be really interesting to see what we come up with.

I have converted my home movies to mp4 and will soon be converting other video as well. It is really exciting. I would like to try to convert a screencast to mp4 and be able to play it on the PSP as well. Although this would seem somewhat counter intuitive if you can't actual surf the web easily with the PSP... I haven't heard if they are going to release a browser... wheres the hack for that?

This workflow learning tool will move training closer to the work environment. Hever, we will need to be able to create a large volume of content and podcast it to those who are interested.

What do you think?

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