June 7, 2005

Elliot Masie - Exteme Learning

Elliot is taking a wonderful informal poll. Asing about our workplace, our stresses, and other things setting up our session.

Elliot is not comfortable about the phrase e-learning. Extreme learning. Things will change in 5 years... we need to get extreme. Example employee orientation needs to change. He has introduced they idea of extreme learning.

Velocity... how rapidly can we develop training, "Learning at the Speed of Business". But sometimes it can mean slow down. What is the appropriate velocity?

Intensity... he showed the PSP. He talked about putting orientation on the PSP. Online Communication. Lawyers could put there scores for compliance training up on a plasma screen in the office. Engaging competitiveness. Fail repeatedly without consequence. How do we give people the opportunity to fail competitively? Change our core metaphors.

Scalability... models. ipod. put $37 device and let each manager put a 3 minute article on there. Podcasting. Extreme wonderful content to the field.

Blogging, Syndicating Knowledge, RSS - no one at the expo. Conversation on the airplane is more valuable. Maybe they can type it but lets do it in audio.

Personalization... most people think that the learning that we deliver is not personal enough. Elliot bought $3000 of pots and pans after joining community of practice. Amazon sent a personalized email. Why can't LMS do that? LMS create useless reports. The people only want to learn the stuff that they don't know already. It has to increase dramatically.

The Age of Self-Service... self service. Flying is self service. People love this because the people can now focus on problems. What does learning look like in the age of self-service. People turn to there neighbors. By and large we are only monitoring elearning in formal processes.

Wrap-up... who are we going to wrap up what we have done and the extreme and build a model for the future. Classrooms are not interactive. New conference models. Not a lot of breakout sessions. Look at our own learning models. Authority cetnered model. elearning maps closer to how learning is really done. We need to look at gaming. Still expensive, but it is going to get easier. Simulation is powerful. Course on how to fire people. 3-day course, - should be 40 mins. the day before you do it everytime you do it. Reminders through the cell phone. Search based model... looking at google. Not graphical. Quick return. More compentency testing not less.

The session is wrapping up with a homework assignment... turn to someone and ask them a powerful question. What keeps you up at night as a learner and a trainer? Not a tremendous amount of innovation. Supplier community must provide this...

I'll try to reflect more on this later....

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