July 8, 2005

Internet over Powerline

This article from CNet might really have an impact on West Virginia. They are currently delivering Internet access of existing powerlines.

I have a satellite dish on a rural farm and while I love that I have the access it still has limitations. Rumor has it that a company is putting WIMax towers up that would cover our house. It should be interesting who can get highly reliable 3meg dowload to my neck of the woods (literaly) and capture my monthly broadband allowance. My other critical issue is that I have a poorly run telecom currently serving my area. They have been saying they will have broadband, but have no existing timeframe. I sent them an email once a month for about a year trying to drum up some support.

I can't stand the idea that my kids somehow have to be at a disadvantage because we live in a rural area. It makes no sense. In fact, this is the specific thing that would equalize many of the advantages to urban living, access to community and culture.

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