July 6, 2005

Technology in K-12

This is my public commitment to my kids elementary school. After the realization of the fact that I will have a child attending the school for the next 8 years (thats 2013 if anyone is counting.) Wow. What kinds of technology will they be using?

It really hit me that I have plenty of time as a parent to effect my kids education. I guess it is just something that I have to go through. I wrote out some of my ideas last night and I called the principal to set up a meeting. Hopefully i can have a significant impact.

I have also called and emailed some people already committed to this effort in the public school system (my kids are in a private school). I have discovered that the middle and high school in our area has not made adequate yearly progress (AYP). I am going to have to dig in and find out exactly what that means and if we will need to find alternatives for our kids. Although they have 5 years to improve in my book.

My idea is to identify specific academic goals and support technology-enhanced solutions and integrate some communications pieces. One idea is to set up blogging sites and a wiki for specific topics. And I am assuming that tech support is a critical issue so we will need to address that.

Anyway, as the ideas come I will try to post them here (they seem appropriate) and we can discuss them. What would you like the public school do with technology?

My Parent wish list:
- email me progress reports
- web-based school schedule
- email access to teachers
- a web-cam in the class and on the playground (just so I can see my kid and have piece of mind)

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