July 21, 2005

A whole new World

I never really wanted to teach geography until now.  Google earth will play a huge role in education.  I just had some time to play around with it and I am impressed.  I saw others blogging about it, but it is amazing.  Go to http://earth.google.com and check it out.  I pinned some key points like my house, my family members house, and the hotel where we are going to on vacation and the Starbucks with free WiFi just six blocks away.  It is amazing.  I take a five day mountain bike ride each year and I plan to pinpoint highlights along the route and talk to my son’s second grade teacher to see if she wants to integrate it into her curriculum.  We are actually riding in September this year.  How cool would it be if she integrated our trip into her lesson plans.

Not only will geography change, now world events will be easily referenced and related to people on an individual level.  Being able to basically spin the globe and compare where places are and overlay just the right data is simply incredible.  This tool or one just like it will be everywhere.  Check it out and let me know what you think.



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