August 1, 2005

Setting in Education

I have been reading a book from the Disney Institute which discusses the great lengths at which Disney goes to provide incredible service. One issue discussed is "setting". I think we may really overlook setting in education or at least take it for granted. In my training as an elementary school teacher we would spend long hours laboring of bulletin boards and murals that would add color and interactivity to our classroom. It might be interesting to consider how this translates to elearning. I think that if we consider the setting of the training it would probably enhance the context of the content being presented.

This could shoot off in so many different directions, including how the content is presented in a module, can the setting be described or shown through a series of images or is that really the setting. Must we consider that people will have total control of the setting, accessing the content in a living room, on a plane, or at a public library. There are many issues to consider, but as we build learning opportunities it is something to consider.

Clark Aldrich addresses this in is books explaining that as developers of content we must understand that the interface is the learning environment (I'm not sure exactly how he explained it, but he references the importance the gaming industry has placed on the user interface). We should probably consider this a training issue as well.


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