October 27, 2005

IBM using Podcasts to Educate Sales People and Investors

Ben Edwards – IBM Marketing / Corporate Communication Executive:

I think there are two broad areas that we and our colleagues at IBM are interested in podcasting. The first is just to take advantage of the utility and the economics of web distribution / web syndication. A lot of things have happened internally over very large, very expensive teleconferences for example it could be and are going to be transitioned to podcasting. Things like education materials for our very large, very mobile global sales force. That can go into it as well. The second broad area is really for our external audiences to dig into IBM and to listen to the wealth of experts we have here within the company.

Podtech.net: InfoTalk Podcast Series

An interesting podcast/blog that shows how IBM will use podcasting within their organization. A lot of interesting concepts from expensive teleconferences (learning 1.0) to podcasts (learning 2.0), how individuals can gain a voice within the company, and allowing (knowledge) to "bubble up."

"influence marketing" = "influence learning"?

Christopher Barger – IBM Marketing / Corporate Communication Executive:

I think that you will continue to see the idea of user generated content is only going to get bigger. To Ben’s point, about the main stream media, I think that’s the big adjustment that they’re going to have to make is to understand that everybody has a microphone and everybody can fact check them. They’re going have to adjust that everybody is a player now. And that they have, instead of fifteen or twenty competitors, they got a hundred million competitors. On the technology side I am particular excited about video-casting, vidcasting, or vodcasting, whatever you want to call it. I think that especially as that younger generation starts to come up that is where, they may not have, we were talking about this earlier, they may not have the attention span to listen to 15 minuets they may decide, “I’m used to songs, I want five minuet bursts of information and that is that.” If you add video to it, you double the attention span. I am excited about were that is going to go. I think that’s really going to be a big opportunity for both corporations and for the private side.

Podtech.net: InfoTalk Podcast Series

Very interesting...

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