March 6, 2006

Media 2.0 Physics

Yahoo! 360 Degree; - ian c rogers's Y! blog - Media 2.0 Physics, My BarCamp LA Presentation

Here is a great presentation that looks at Yahoo's media model and looks at Apple's music model (or lack there of). The basic premise of the presentation is that great standards build platforms of great opportunity.

Great technology gave us AOL, Compuserve, and Prodigy.
Great standards (TCP/IP, HTML, and HTTP) gave us unprecedented opportunity (the Web).

Is this true for elearning as well. What are the great standards that will enable learning? Are they any different then the standards of web 2.0? Is the only model SCORM? I am not a standards expert, maybe I should become one. A very interesting look at Media. I'm guessing there is more here then I can even understand at this point.

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