August 4, 2006

What Do You Think Kids Should Know?

Policy 2520.14 -- 21st Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools Content Standard for West Virginia Schools
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WVDE Policies

The West Virginia Department of Education has released several new policies aimed at changing the Content Standards for what is being taught to our children. This is a critical step in the education process. The content standards represent the required curriculum for the classroom teachers. The process to establish these policies is long and drawn out, probably for valid reasons. As you can see above, it is now possible to post your comments concerning these policies online. I plan to take a look at this particular policy (I haven't read it yet) to see what the educators feel are the "21st Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools" that our children need to work in tomorrows workforce. Remember, this what is being taught to children, so they need the skills for 5 to 10 years down the road.

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