October 10, 2006

8 Things you can do with LearningFlow

This is a cross post from the new LearningFlow blog.

1. Capture your Learning Goals for the Year

LearningFlow is all about capturing your learning goals. They can be professional or personal, serious or fun. The important thing is that they are your goals that you have identified.

2. Engage in "Collaborative Learning"

This means that you can share a goal that others also want to achieve, like learn how to coach youth soccer practice. A lot of people learn better when they know others are involved in learning the same things. They like to share ideas and swap stories. Learning with others is more productive and more fun.

3. Import your Del.icio.us Bookmarks

LearningFlow allows you to import your bookmarks from del.icio.us and associate them with a learning goal. This will allow you to keep tagging those great sites on the web, but easily get back to them when you want to learn how to create a cascading style sheet or learn to do basic cost accounting.

4. Subscribe to a Learning Goal

LearningFlow allows you to subscribe to a learning goal that you have identified. This means that you don't have to come back to the web siteevery time something new is happening with that goal. You can simple subscribe to the goal via RSS and the learning activity will come to you.

5. Invite others to Learn

LearningFlow has an "Invite a Friend" function that allows you to easily email a friend and suggest that they learn something with you. This is a great feature to invite your office mate down the hall who is on your team (thus effects your bonus structure) or to invite Aunt May to learn about web design (given that you actually have an Aunt May).

6. Rate a Learning Resource

Let say you know of a great web site about monarch butterflies and you added it to your "Learn more about Butterflies" learning goal. LearningFlow lets you rate that resource so the next time you come back or if others are there looking at all those resources it is easy to see which sites are the best for learning about butterflies.

7. Make Searching For Information on the Web Way More efficient

LearningFlow allows you to improve your efficiency on the web by creating a collaborative filter based on an identified learning goal. This is will making learning much more efficient on the web then just using traditional search engines by adding a pre-filter to you focus and a peer support network in gathering resources.

8. Imagine all the additional things that LearningFlow could do for you

Yeh, we know. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many things that LearningFlow could do for you. Associate Learning Goals with Organizational Projects, allow sorting by tags, allow the creation of learning meta-data to be associated with the learning resources, allow the mp3 files to be streamed as a dynamically generated podcast based on a learning goal.... Yeh, we know, and we are working it.

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