October 6, 2006


I wanted to share some of the slides from LearningFlow. We still have a lot of work to do, but the site is open and usable. Go check it out. I have posted some screen captures here so you can get a preview of the site. The basic functionality is free.

Some of the ways that I have been using LearningFlow within our company is to basically capture some of the key areas that we are trying to get better about and by capturing a few personal goals in the system as well. We only have 32 people currently in the system and just a few of them are active, but I am still seeing value in the site. Most of the current users are much more guarded then myself, only entering a single goal or no goal at all. Unforetunately the benefits will come slow, the less you participate. I guess they are thinking, "I'm not going to invest my time in this system, until it shows me the value." Fair enough, we have to show value, quicker.


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