October 3, 2006

Local Media

I'm not sure exactly why, but local media really interests me. I love the idea of providing information to a certain geographical area that I am interested in. I think a lot of this interest comes from a passion to teach or inform, the rest comes from a desire to create rich media.

I am experimenting with the idea of creating a local media web site. However, there is a lot of work in getting the processes in place and I am really not that in-tune with the local information. I'm usually one of the last to know. I created a temp site at http://mountaincast.wordpress.com. It is really just a place for me to go through the motions of capturing local media and using new tools to put that media on the web in new formats.

I am really interested in getting a new video camera and creating video content. We have worked with video in the past, but really haven't made it part of our core focus. I think this could change. I really like sites like PodTech.net and how they are using video podcasts.

Content aggregation is the key, whether we are providing information to improve workplace performance or just creating information rich content to inform. It is really going to get interesting over the next few years.

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  1. Lee, I am trying to find your blogs on local media. Just found this one. anymore?