November 7, 2006

Editor of PC Magazine

I am....was in a session with Jim Louderback, the editor of PC magazine. It is cool because it is a smaller drill-down session and it is cool to hear him talk about the latest and greatest. He went around the room and had everyone pull out their device and he seemed pretty familiar with each one. Wouldn't it be cool if it was your job just to know the details about every new technology. I would love that.

He is...was saying that the move to multi-core processors is a good thing. However, he says that Microsoft is not doing a good job of making the case for upgrading to VISTA.

He is..was talking about the WII gaming system and indicating that it boots up in seconds and is really small. A question about podcasting led Jim to discuss some of the players and using USB drives as a delivery mechanism. A new product for video, Serious Magic, Communicator.

The one question that I thought of, ok one of the questions I should have asked him about was the power of pc processes now that most of the apps are going to the web? How will this trend impact processer speeds in the future? Can we just let Google upgrade?

It was a pretty cool session.

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  1. Yeah, that would be awesome to get paid to learn about cool stuff. I'm kind of losing my interests in hardware (such as processors), but I'd love to learn about new software technologies. Although, as you said, it's an interesting thought to see how demanding apps will be in the future, in terms of processing power. I think I would have enjoyed that session...