March 15, 2007

WebEx purchase ripple on elearning Industry

Cisco just agreeded to purchase WebEx for a small lump of change. $3.2 Billion I think (without the need for a $500 million to be set-aside for lawyers). It is most likely they will make it open source and sell services around it. Just kidding.

What is the ripple effect for elearning? Hard to tell. It could allow the price of the service to be lowered and enable more small businesses to participate. It could be integrated into the Cisco's iphone or Apple's iphone (I think they have an agreement.) so you can have webex on your cell phone. I heard Kevin Lynch of Macromedia Adobe fame say that he already has Connect on his cell.

It seems that we really haven't felt the Skype deal, it might take years for this to have an impact if it ever does.

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