April 6, 2007

Bad Name for eLearning?

So recently we decided to change the name of our elearning experiment formerly known as Prince LearningFlow to "twobrains". Based on the traffic flow and a recent comment in the blogoshere it appears I may have made a mistake. So I will provide a public explanation of why the change and why the name and let you know, we are open to suggestions.

Why the name TwoBrains?
It is based on the idea "Two brains are better then one." I thought it kind of captured the spirit of the service. Sure it doesn't make you Google or shout Yahoo!, but it was a name.

Why the change?
We are going to be releasing some new light-weight web-based services in the near future that directly support the elearning industry. We love the name LearningFlow and what to use LearningFlow.com as the primary site that is basically a mashup of web-services around elearning. LiFTLabs.com is a domain we are using to host our services. There will be more in the new future.

A Challenge?
What do you think we should call a web service that allows individuals to identify their own learning goals, match web-based resources against those goals, and collaborate with others?

By the way, I think it is great to get this kind of feedback. I hope that by putting something out there and letting people make comments and pushback we just get better at offering services. Our lesson here is that without the resources to make needed changes in a timely manner, we can't keep our audience engaged. It has been and continues to be a great experience.

Thanks. Lee (with just one brain if you don't count the one in the jar on my desk.)


  1. Hi Lee,

    TwoBrains is more descriptive of what the application is than "LearningFlow." I like the image brought forth as far as having additional brain(s). Why only "two"? Seems like "ManyBrains" would be more descriptive yet of what you are creating.

    BTW, my "note to self" in my post is not at all a reference to the name or renaming, but rather wondering out loud if there are others that are also providing what I'd call "horizontal community learning environments" -- horizontal to may not be the best of words here, but I'm reaching for a distinction from Community of Practice dedicated to a single subject.


  2. Ray,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know what you were thinking. I like ManyBrains. Ryan might kill me, but maybe we can change it to that.

    A horizontal community learning environment, interesting. it's a little more then a meme, but not really a COP.

    Thanks again.

  3. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Hi Lee,
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  4. Two brains roles off the tongue much better than manybrains or splitbrains!

  5. I think I agree with you there Scott.