April 18, 2007

Cell Phone Desires

Most Americans are just looking for a cell phone that completes more calls than it drops. But in the media and content deep dive in Helsinki, Finland, today, we asked participants what else they are looking for from their mobile devices, since they already have the coverage problem licked. Here’s a partial list of their requests:

I want it to be the key to my car and home.
I want it to track my family members and tell me where they are.
I want it to be my wallet.
I want to watch the news on it.
I want it to translate different languages.
I want it to be a universal remote control.
I want it to monitor my heart rate and blood pressure and transmit the data to my doctor.
I want it to access my virtual worlds.
I want it to jam all personal communications of other people near me.
I want it to just be a phone.

Global Innovation Outlook: April 2007

What would I add to this list?

I want it to link to my bathroom scales.
I want it to load all my podcasts, wirelessly.
I want it to always have my location on a google map. (We are close.)
I want it to alert me when I am within 10 miles of anything on "my interests" list like a Mountain Bike shop or a Ben and Jerry's.
I want it to capture my audio and email me transcripts. Thanks Jott
I want it to link to my car and tell me when and what maintenance to do.
I want it to have an awesome, high quality camera embedded.
I want it to project a full size light keyboard on any flat surface so I can type into it.
I want it to offer free data services.
I want it to be indestructible. (Ok, I've dropped mine a few times.)

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