July 18, 2007

Creating Learning Objects on developing rapid Learning Content

Note: The following is a half-baked idea that I am trying to get worked out in my mind....

I am thinking of creating some learning objects on creating rapid learning content. The course would be a self-paced, short series on the what, when, and how of creating rapid learning content. I was brainstorming the course outline and thought I would reach out to the blogesphere to see if anyone had and feedback on the outline. At this point I am not even sure that the terms "rapid learning content" or "rapid elearning" or rapid response training" are appropriate, or interchangeable, or what... (I said it was half-baked). But I would like to create a training session that would allow trainers or teachers to think about when they would use a tool like Zoho Show, VoiceThread or Viddler vs using a more elaborate content development tool like Authorware or Flash.

I am completely sure that this outline will dramatically change, but here it is for your comments and ideas. Thanks!

Possible Content Outline:

Course Title: Developing Rapid Learning Content

First Topic: What is rapid learning content?

What is rapid learning content?
A brief history of elearning content development?
Is rapid learning content "Good"?

Second Topic: When to use rapid learning Content?

When do you chose to create rapid learning content?
When do you never use rapid learning content?

Third Topic: How do you create rapid learning content?

What tools are currently available for creating rapid learning content?
When do you add interactivity or assessment?
What about accountability of rapid learning content?

Fourth Topic: How does rapid learning content fit into your training Strategy?

When is it effective compared to when is it not effective?


  1. Great overview, Lee. The only thing I'd add would be some kind of audience analysis. There are faculty here that would take the rapid learning content and run with it. Then again, there are those who would require mega hand-holding. Otherwise, looks like a solid model that I might be able to use myself for our screencasts!

    Have a great day!

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