July 31, 2007

Money for Nothing and Works for Free

Ok, the title doesn't really make sense, but seeing that MS Works is now going to be free it reminds me of one of the first organizational battles I had as a faculty member at a small four year college. I was "in charge" of the Educational Computing Lab that supported both general students and the Education departments. I taught the Technology Integration class and I thought that at $70 MS Works would be an affordable alternative to Office for teachers. So, I want to my boss and asked if we could purchase 20 copies (or some number for each machine in the lab). His response... sounds like a good idea I'll support you, but ask the Technology Services office. Ok.

So I ask the Technology Services office and they say "We don't support it." I say, no problem, it doesn't really require "support", I'll take care of whatever issues surface. They say fine, but you have to ask the Campus Technology Committee. OK.

So I wait for the next meeting of the Campus Technology Committee. Their response. You need to ask the Academic Vice President. OK.

So I meet with the Academic Vice President... his response... It's not really a cost issue, but why don't we wait awhile and see if this is really something we need.

Maybe he knew in 1996 (and yes Ryan I mean 1996) it was going to eventually be free.


  1. Typical admin at a small college. Nobody wants to say "no," so they just pass it around to others. It does make me laugh.

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