September 11, 2009

A Quick Personal Reflection

Here it is September and things have really been going great since I
have been working at Mythology Marketing. My one year employment mark
will be in October. Since coming on board I have learned so much about
marketing, strategic planning, and implementation of interactive
marketing plans with all types of organizations. Working for Jeff
James is incredible. If you every want to see what happens when you
combine marketing brilliance with incredible work ethic, just hang out
with Jeff for a couple of days and you will see how it all comes

 On the personal front, things are going great as well. Our family's
spiritual journey is about to hit a new level of commitment, Alex is
loving football, and Emily got great news from the doc. We are truly
blessed. My wife is in her third year back in the classroom after 7
years home with our children. Her challenges/opportunities include 21
third graders with 21 netbooks, one of which is our daughter Emily
(3rd grader not netbook). I continue to focus on my running, trying
to gear up for a marathon and a half in January.

 Back to the professional side of things, I have become engaged in the
cross between data, marketing, and social media. It is a truly
fascinating intersection of information and ideas. A lot of my recent
activity has been around helping organizations put in processes that
help them engage in web/interactive marketing and social media in the
most effective way. Of course a lot of that is about being efficient
as well. Most don't know how to find the time to engage. So far my
recommendations have been around processes and tools that can help.

 I continue to design, implement, and manage training and learning
activities. They tend to be more integrated into marketing processes,
but I enjoy working within a set of business goals and outcomes that
are not "training" specific. Of course, many would say all goals and
outcomes should be business specific.

 As I look ahead, I am excited about helping Mythology get to the next
level, spending more time with my family, and continuing to engage in
great groups like CreateWV, Mountain State Marketers, and learning to
be a better person.

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