December 19, 2009

State of elearning 2009

State of elearning 2009

Tony Bates reflects on 2009, noting positive developments and disappointments:

Then we look at the public sector, and in particular the big research universities, and what do we see? Clickers, lecture capture, multiple screens in the classroom, learning management systems with Powerpoint slides and pdf files loaded, and a total lack of recognition that the current formal higher education system is failing, and a total lack of vision of what is needed for the future, and the role that information and communications technologies can play in formal learning.

I think there is too much focus on trying to innovate within the system rather than innovating the system itself. The latter requires vision, leadership, and experimentation/failure.

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By gsiemens December 18, 2009

Interesting quote via George Siemans, from Tony Bates. Many still are trying to leverage technology to make a traditional model for education better, when it is time to think about a new way to educate. I know it is hard, but the infrastructure for these new model is here. It's time to give every student a netbook or smartphone and start empowering their learning network. Give them the foundation in digital literacy they need to own their own learning.

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