April 4, 2010

Using the iPad for Work

I thought it would be cool to hammer out a blog post from me new iPad. The device is very responsive. I have been amazed at how quick I have gone from web to the other. I also really like the iBooks app. I have been able to download several apps and they all seem to be working well. It will be interesting to see if I can actually use it for work. I think that it should be pretty useful.

It appears that the compose mode in blogger won't function so I can't post the image that I wanted to include. I may have to try another publishing tool.


  1. From an iPad ... Blogger updated it's iPad app :-)

  2. That's cool Paul. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Dear Lee,

    Please allow me to suggest an iPad app for you to check. I think you will enjoy it!

    Hello-Hello Spanish

    The Hello-Hello iPad app features Hello-Hello.com’s complete Spanish course developed in collaboration with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Hello-Hello Spanish includes 30 conversational lessons and hundreds of flashcards with words and sentences to practice vocabulary.

    The course follows ACTFL’s research-based approach to teaching languages; all lessons are based on realistic situations, rather than a collection of out-of-context words and phrases. All the content is stored in the app so that users will experience rapid response time when they are ready to learn a language. Users do not need to be connected to Wi-Fi or 3G networks to run the app.

  4. Since ipad has features has the same technology as iphone or ipod touch which is very common with the students this could be one of the tool that can be used in classroom.

  5. Hi Lee,

    I agree with your opinion about the IPad. This is a tool that handles its applications very well. We still need to depend on a computer to access the limitations of the IPad. In general, is excellent. I am very pleased with my IPad 3G, that has facilitate the opportunities for me to continue working and studying everywhere I go, having active access of the Internet. As a middle school teacher, I think that this could be a great tool for our students. There are many applications that are designed to meet and develop math, history, language and science skills. The students can make research and design presentations. How do you see the use of the IPad in the education, as a tool for teachers and students?

  6. I've been happy with using my iPad in the office, ever since I read the iPad for Work Guide/PDF at OSInsights.com. I didn't really know all of the tips and tricks to using it for work, and really just played Angry Birds on airplanes.

    I do wish it had a physical keyboard, because that is its biggest weakness, to me. For important meeting, I still lug my laptop around so that I can send follow up emails after meetings.