October 22, 2014

Are you aligning Training with Performance?

Focus Training on Performance

As a learning leader it is important to understand how to best align your training activities with the performance goals of your organization.  To do this, we need to be sure that we always keep performance as the goal, communicate transparently and clearly, and think of learning as a process, not an event. This can be challenging, because a lot of we do looks and feels like an event.  

It feels like those of us who analyze roles, design and develop curriculum, facilitate a course, and evaluate the success for that course, assume that we have "performance" as our main focus.  But unfortunately, it can be elusive.  We can find a great concept and really focus on delivering that concept, hoping the learner will take it back to the workflow they live in on a daily basis.

Measure the Learners Performance

We also have to be careful that we don't get caught up in worrying about measuring ourselves.  When we look at the data we have, we tend to want to focus on how training activities went, how did we do, did they like us. But this takes the focus away from the performance of the employees. Can they perform the task(s) we taught them?

Communicate their Performance to the Field

We need to be able to communicate clearly to the business unit...

here is how your staff is performing and if at all possible, be part of the performance communication when they are back in the field.

Are you aligning your training with performance?

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