October 11, 2004

Session 2 9:30am

Workflow Learning Debut

Jay presented some high-level concepts concerning his vision for workflow learning.

Highlighting such issues as SPEED, COMPLEXITY, and FLEXIBILITY. He indicated that the role of the worker is complex. The next emphasis was on Networks. Jay showed a visual representation that could be anything... He has shown this in past presentations. He indicated that it could represent any network. the Internet. A social network.... The network wants to grow.

The start as nodes.... grow to centralized silos... the become decentralized.... He used the private pharmacy analogy. A single hometown drug store is a node, a Walgreens is a decentralized network that can act as a single node at any of its 4000 locations. This is true of computer networks and he suggested learning.

The next issues discussed a business and the application of the network concept to an individual business. Ultimately this creates a value chain. (Note: Jay wrote a white paper some years ago on the people Value Chain. I developed a presentation based on the paper that I gave...)

The technology within the application is Enterprise application(s). Jay suggests that the s must go... or will go to have a single interface for the entire organization. The focus of this effort will be to reduce SLACK. Slack can be in the form of many things.... wait time, research, troubleshooting, waste.

Jay stated that 10 - 20% is adding value the rest is downtime. This has been shown to be even higher in knowledge workers. 75 - 95 % searching for information.

Optimize - making connections.

Jay suggested reading Real-Time Enterprise. If the slack is gone then the enterprise should run in real-time.

I'll try to add and reflect later....

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