October 11, 2004

Session 2 Continued 9:30am

Gloria Gery

Gloria spoke on the idea of performance support and workflow learning. She indicated that learning needed to focus on Business Issues.
Takes to long

  • Costs to much
  • Is inconsistent
  • Increasingly Difficult
Complexity is part of the equation. Everything must be configurable and flexible.

She discussed Default tactics
Content - portals, websites, manuals, documents, help systems.
People support - help desks, peer assit
Just work with Feedback - trail and error

Move toward tasks, workflow if the framework to put this around.

What are the Issues?
- Traditional presentation of content and resources fail to synthesize into meaningful framework it needs to be subject oriented or product oriented

What Wrong?
Point of view - producer perspective
Filters - Content maps and topic outlines
Goals - learning and performance, mastery of domain
Organization, not work driven
-training, IT, web services, Documentation

Time to understanding
Time to doing

The structure to sequence of activities to achieve defined, desirable goals and results specific to the conditions
- deliverable
- solutions
- decisions
- etc.

The Best Default "Filter"
- Primary work sequences are modified bt task data
- The structure or dynamic sequence is the best filter for content, data, tools

  • Why does it matter to us?
  • Designing framework
  • Filters for Services
  • Synthesizing mechanism to accelerate
  • skill development
  • performance
  • competence
  • confidence

Two Contents

1. Within courses

A design framework

2. While working

work context

more motivating to performers due to relevance and the "teachable moment"
Number of applications
unified process layer and learning content

Mental models, frameworks, and schemas are still critical.

Seamless approach to learning and doing.

Why now?
convergence of -need -technology -ubiquity -tools -default work context
design models

Business Management
She went on to describe an example of companies who push large, confusing reports of data on users... Indicating that users must then find patterns and relationships.

She then showed an example of a solution to that....
Interface layer
process of the employee
language of the performer
who is modeling?
apprentice model

There was more but the focus was on the idea that the content must be filtered around the work process and the artifact or type of training. However, the actual design of this new approach is still in play.


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