October 12, 2004

Session 3, Nancy Lewis IBM 11:15am

This was a great session. Nancy was a very knowledgeable individual who was completely engaged in the creation a better process for her company and it came through in her presentation.

New strategy in learning.
On-Demand = leverages sophistication to do more...

Ebay = good example of redefining the business model

What are the implications for learning?

What learning is today?
- not enough time
- growing complexity
- new skill gaps
- difficulty finding what is needed
- increased spoof-to-market requirements

IBM intranet has 2.5 million searches per month
that's 45 man years a month searching for information.
Skill sets today are obsolete in 3-5 years.
We will always have consistent skill gaps.
must approach learning in business different
80% learning happens in workplace 20% in traditional setting
So this would indicate the ISSUED is only addressing 20% of learning

Can we rachet up the effectiveness of learning at work? On-Demand Strategy

It is a fundamental change!

IBM innovates through practice.
reviewed with Stanford and Harvard and Sloan Foundation
Yes, we are all at the beginning.

The strategy. Three types of Learning.

Work Embedded - Work Enabled - Work Apart

All three build on strengths
- Things this sales person needs to do
bringing learning to work.
work activity in center. Personalized activities.

Task Specific - ability to connect to peers (experts)
methodology guide - communities for collaboration
"Best Practices" - accounting
Prescriptive learning -

1. Customer call - try to solve problem

IBM uses a learning agent to try to get a deeper understanding.

not only productivity- also ability to determine what goes up there, what are the new opportunities, other design solutions, higher or lower then industry, is this a problem, experts, dream up new innovation, integrate work teams and functional groups.

Have many of the groups that I work with, they haven't aligned to goals or work in functional groups....

I have about three more pages of notes that go into detail of the model.... I'll have to come back to them.

Nancy went on to provide a roadmap to implementation which was useful and explained each piece of the learning cluster.

It's kind of interesting, in the early 90's I has working on an Instructional Design Model called Cognitive Flexibility and while it wasn't performance driven in the sense of IBM's model, it has a very similar set of constructs in-terms of supporting the learning. We just developed it on stand-alone macs and video discs.

Nancy finished the session with the benefits and then engaged in a great discussion.

The Benefits
- focuses relevant learning resources to meet specific needs in the work context
- saves time. increase value for time.
- increases expertise and capability
- improves motivation and performance
- grows the business

That's got to be a slide the CEO sees.

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