June 6, 2005

First day at ASTD

I made it into ASTD without many problems. On the walk to registration I meet Jonathan, who actually works with ASTD. I am currently working offline because the Internet access is $25 a day. I can probably get through today without it, being Sunday. I rarely if every get on the net on Sunday at home. I will just post these at the end of the day. It is about 7:37 so the Orientation session is starting a bit late. As I type the music starts…. By the way, no coffee? I thought I paid for this conference?

Orientation by Ed Cohen

This session is being kicked off by a slide show of pictures from all over the world. I recognized a few. 61st global assembly of ASTD. Ed Cohen is CLO for Booz Allen Hamilton. He met his wife at ASTD. This session is to help. Vicky is going to speak.

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