June 6, 2005

The Rest of Sunday

I ended up not having a wireless connection the rest of the day and spent the evening with my family, so this is the first chance that I have had to update the blog. The day was pretty long. I enjoyed the sessions that I attended but they were not very in-depth. The first session discussed the differences between the training department and the executive management team in an organization. I understand how important it is to make this link, but the session didn’t really get into specific strategies. They used a device to pool the audience called Quizdom. After a few rocky attempts it worked well. I would have been interested to see them use it throughout the period to gather feedback from the entire audience.

I really enjoyed the general session after all the announcements and awards were done. I realize that stuff is important and people need to be recognized, but I still don’t want to sit through it. The main speaker was a gentleman who had a great story to tell. Robert Knowling just seemed genuine about everything he worked on. He shared his approach to transformational change. 1. Wake the group up. Create a case for change.2. Create motivating vision. Effect the unit that matters. The managers. 3. Create a distraction where you reweave the social fabric of the organization.

1. lead change process
2. be the best cheerleader in the world
3. give credit, take blame.

In the afternoon I attended the building business simulations that drive business results session. The present was knowledgeable, but it was a bit more for trainers developing classroom-based simulations and it focused on the “how-to” and not so much the approach itself. The final session of the day was on storytelling. I only stayed for about 30 minutes. It just wasn’t for me and I want to supper with my family.

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