June 22, 2005

Technologies Remixed for Learning

Will Richardson posted about remix and the impact it is having on learning:

"The other interesting idea in the Open Source show was when Weinberger talked about how even our conception of a document has to change, how for hundreds of years we've thought of a report or a story as a container of information. But now, with hypertext, a document's value comes not so much from what it holds but from where it points out of itself to others. I think the reality is that we're going to have to start teaching students to give research back to us in a web-ified form, complete with links. In five years when we've moved beyond paper, hypertext writing (read "blogging") is going to be a basic literacy. The final mile will be to publish all of that writing in a public blog/portfolio space. Then we'll be cranking..."

This is great. I was just thinking about the exact same concept. The TiddlyWiki is going to be built into our learning management system. This will allow each student to have a personal wiki that feeds that call wiki. (I think I just gave away or company secret.) But I think this is right-on.

The other issue is that this wiki or hypertext document is really a concept map of ideas. We worked on this in my graduate program. Knowledgemaps of understanding that can show complexity of concepts and relationships among ideas. This will then lead into an authentic assessment approach. So Assignment 1 - wiki all your thoughts on this topic and save as... Assignment 2 - continually update your understanding of your wiki throughout the training or course or semester and you will be graded on your improved understanding of the concept. (You might want to watch for Sandbagging on the first assignment.)

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