October 7, 2005


I've decided to venture into unchartered waters (for me). I have been playing with Ruby On Rails. Although I have already spent many hours trying to get MySQL installed and working. For a true newby like myself I have had no success with getting the database connected to rails. It seems that MySQL 4.1 is too new for the scripts in Rails that access it or maybe I screwed up the intial database configuration? I'm not sure. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Older versions. Newer Versions. Nothing seems to work. Again I am so new I am having trouble with understanding any of the support documentation for MySQL. I don't really know where to turn for support.

The book that I have Agile Web Development with Rails, just says install and go. It also shows programming MySQL from the depot> prompt or command line. I can't get it to do this in reality. Say I believe that I have a couple of problems working at the same time. (1)The username and password problem with MySQL. (2) The outdated database connection scripts between MySQL and Rails, and (3) poor documentation that has lead me to change too many things. I guess the other issue is that I am such a newbie that I can't solve the database issue on my own. It may not be a rails issue at all they would jsut say... fix you MySQL and it will work.

When I try to type in this screen, no matter what I type it goes away. Somehow I messed up the password and it won't go away.

More later...


  1. Unfortunately, I have no assistance here, but I'd love to help you out so you can master Rails, then show me how to use it. I've never installed a database so I have no advice. I looked up some stuff for a few minutes, and of course everyone else says it's straight forward and easy to install. I'll let you know if I come up with something.

  2. Thanks Ryan. I think it as to do with the setup configuration. I just don't know what.

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