October 10, 2005

Yahoo Podcasting

Yahoo Podcasting

Yahoo just launched a podcasting site. I'll have to dig in an take a look. There should now be some more options in pushing your audio content out. TechCrunch reported that Yahoo actually released a podcast prior to a press release.


  1. Hi Lee

    I am a fellow Lee!!.
    Was wondering if you know anything about how to create your own podcasts, eg. a tutor who wants to record a lessson and then put the podcast up on the net for the student to download for themselves onto their ipods for listening out of class. They would also need to be the only ones who access the specific audio lesson ie. password/username to access the link.
    Let me know if have any ideas.
    email: info@futureitservices.co.uk

    also see my own blog on this:

  2. Hey Lee. There are a several podcasting services surfacing. The latest being Yahoo. Podcasting can also be done using Free software like Audacity. Making the audio available can be done with any service with a login and password. To create a RSS feed that requires authentication will require a slighly more sophisticated service. I hope this helps. Let me know if you are looking for something more specific.

  3. Hi Lee

    Thanks for your reply. God its been a long time since I checked this!. Anyway can you please expand on what you mentioned about login and password authentication for RSS, ie. what service to use and how to do it?.

    Also when you say that Making the audio available can be done with any service with a login and password - can you give an example?.

    Many thanks mate,