September 22, 2006

More Learning Design

After getting back in the office from a 5 4 day bike ride, I was pointed, by a friend, to the fact that Tony Karrer had addressed a question that I posted last week. Tony looks at how learning process might be designed for what we are calling informal learning. Tony's picture starts to show how the learning process might look.

diagram Tony's design for informal learning shows that there still might be some upfront work, but more of the content would be provided by the SME and the actually learner.

While the model is simplistic it does start to show how the process is changing. I am wondering if we will continue to see the learner take a stronger role in all aspects of the process? Especially in a small group is the learner and the SME and the consultant roles all sort of blurred together in an informal learning setting? I tried this, you should try that, here are some great resources... In this model, there may be someone who is accountable for performance efficiencies, but not necessarily for learning efficiencies. This would/could push the responsibilities of learning efficiencies back on the learner is a "self-service" mode...

I'm not sure that makes total sense, but I was just trying to see what it would look like. Thanks goes out to Tony for addressing the question.

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