November 6, 2006

General Session BBC

Nigel from the BBC is discussing how the began to post information on the Intranet in the form of podcasts, blogs, and wikis and they became an organization that uses media. Their employees capture video and post it to the web. Internal challenges included raising the profiles of internal components of the organization.

lessons learned: learned they are an expert organization and liberating that was powerful. You must have a powerful team. Leak things quietly into the organization.

There are cultural differences around the world. Generationaly? Mandated that they had to claim their expenses online and everyone quickly adopted. Role in moving learning forward. Where is it going next? Velocity. formal/informal will blend and merge. status will increase. in destabilized environment we need a learning culture. C-Level, getting it? if they don't get it, stay away. Survey, half-time is spent on talent issues.

How disruptive is the next wave going to be? a sunomi.

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