November 6, 2006

The Future of Learning

This session is by Elliot Masie and he is going to try to share his views about the future of learning. (THESE ARE ROUGH NOTES.)


The World is Flatter. Things are going to be faster, shorter, more global. The process of creating competencies, skills, and knowledge will change. He suggests pulling out a map from Knowledgeworks.

Changes in learning are not coming from the learning industry. Some things that will impact learning. The democratization of content. USB keychain port. - smaller. Tom Friedman says... This is what keeps the military up at night. Can create content, distributed instantly, and modified. How do we deal with the bad guys using these tools. A webex session on how to steal cars? We wouldn't say keep email from the bad guys. Content can be created by anyone, anywhere. It looks and feels authentic. We are going to fundamental shifts of what content looks like.

We take official content and give it to the powers that be. Control of that content is critical. In the flatter world, the content will no longer be controllable. How will lawyers deal with this?

What this means to learning.
1. Learning development will be done by those closer to the work.
More people are going to create content and it won't flow through your office.
2. We are not going to train people to the level we have before

Content is going to be contextualized by social networks. (note--- like We are going to see that social networks, real tipping point is SpaceBook and MySpace. There is a tipping point, the next two years you are going to build and deploy social networks. Not interested in all the people who work for the organization. What do regional managers think about this article? This might be scary for an instructional designer. A social network will drive that design. What does instructional design look like in social networks.

Admiral Moran says that the training has to happen the day before the mission.

Podcasting provides a different moment. I don't have to by the album to get the song. iTunes has allowed this to happen. Elliot doesn't even think that we have begun to think about how we will be able to buy the slice of content. Breaking content into slices. Thin slicing of content will be important to contextualize training to the moment. Phone-based GPS system. What if the GPS could be mapped to content. Challenging for 2 reasons. What if they don't get enough? What if the thin slice is not enough? One answer is more robust assessment.

Encourage to develop a course... need policy on x. 16 knowledgeable users are asked to write a few words of paragraphs in a wiki. ID looks at that structures that content and sends it out to 30 to 40 other people. Then it can be published.

MIT has set up a center on collective intelligence. 300 people are writing a book and it will be out in June.

Back to the podcast. A lot of content now reading based will be stopped. We don't believe K12 needs to read everything. How do we change to media-based. One of the fundamental pieces is storybased content. How did we get stories out? My role as a trainer will be to react to the content. Another point on the map is the learning economies. Why are there not enough content companies? No robust content... coming. Look at YouTube and CNN.

3. Gaming and Simulation

This will be powerful. The problem in work is that there isn't enough practice. What if you could practice firing someone and fail a few times. Get shot. Fail forward. What is it that games can do for education? The way to construct a set of challenges that people are willing to invest time to try and fail. Being tested continuously.

-- self service. This is your track. Some is learner triggered, but most is managerial. More of a value in learning. LMS and ID is not optomized for self-service. Visualizing competency knowledge and visualization. What do you know or don't know about your car breaking down. Could you create a knowledgemap? Figure out a way to visualize our knowledge. What I know, don't know but could look up. Here is what I don't know and it could hurt me. Go through a process for self service.

Serious Trend.... traditional training department is toast. We need more learning professionals then ever. Trad. training department is a centralized office that distributes content across the company. metrics for this office are volume. How many people they trained last year...
More interesting numbers. How do learning move the business results? Who cares what the return on $ investment? ROI is not so good. Wage hours is the real cost. Instead look at impact. What was the impact? Training is not linked to impact. Shared services units. Lean and mean shared services that compete for resources. Hiring new people like librarians. To find powerpoints in your organization. Slide 8 is awesome. Search fest... each student must quickly search for and varify truth. Discoverablity of content is important. Look at information and make it discoverable. Build, protect, and encourage social networks. Orientation duration? We don't intellectual discuss the length or orientation training. what is the least amount I can teach so the learner can learn the rest. How to ask the right questions?

We have to get way more diverse in our training departments. More people who work in the business. We need them in our training departments.

Look at the maps and engage in the discussion. NCLB... will our society be left behind?

Our job as a classroom trainer usually is to add the exceptions to the published content. We are going to get less certain things. It might be this, or that.

He talks about medical knowledge and how you deal with what we don't know. (this one hits home for me.)

Learning won't look the same in the next three years. Lot less courses. elearning is a command and control model. Moving into self-serve it will be deeply interactive. Assessment has to get way better. Assessment has to get harder. As a learning industry how do we look at learning.

provocative Technology - high fidelity video conferencing - see their nose hairs. Video to mobile first. New hire.... 7 people 7 bottons. Everyday ask 20 questions with coach.
How will we seize it. No gloom and doom. Change will happen because the way the we do knowledge in the world.

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