February 26, 2007

Hypercard and the New Web

Scott Wilson posted here about hypercard and the new web. This brought back a lot of memories for me. was my first take on building multimedia applications. I created several fully functioning Hypercard stacks in the early 1990s as part my graduate program at WVU. I also taught a graduate class that required students to develop hypercard hypermedia environments, so I spent a lot of time teaching the tool and evaluating others work. Thinking back, I really enjoyed building and experimenting with the tools and the concept of hyperlinks was so new and enticing.

Scott and David Davies discuss the similarities and differences of the interactivity and easy of use of the hypercard tool then and the web 2.0 now. I think about this often as I consider how to improve the learning process using the network. The hypercard of today is probably being built right now, if it isn't already completed. We built a prototype of such a tool, but we haven't released it to the wild. Well, maybe the easy of use to hypercard is a leap, but it is similar. We are re-developing a production model soon. I am anxious to get it out to the web.


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