June 26, 2007

West Virginia's Creative Class

Yesterday I participated in a state event to launch the creative class in our state. Below is a snippet from the official blog. I spoke for a minute about being in West Virginia, TwoBrains, and riding my mountain bike. There were several other speakers all making a go of it in our great mountain state. I think that there is great opportunity for West Virginia to increase our participation in the world's economy through the latest technologies and social networks. I am particularly interested in how this new approach can and will interact with traditional industries like manufacturing and mining.

The Creative Cat is Out of the Bag

What a great audience at the Clay Center yesterday for the launch of Create West Virginia. After some frustrating technical difficulties (#&*$#*@ computer!) slowed down our beginning, the guest Creative Community speakers piped in from around the state via video conference demonstrated the growing power of these innovative entrepreneurs, artists and local leaders. I knew they were going to speak of course, but I still got pumped listening to their stories!

A great article in the Charleston Gazette today by Sarah Winn covered the announcement very well. WOWK TV Channel 13 covered it last night. If you see other articles, please let us know. We need to see some similar coverage from around the state.

In addition to thanking our guest speakers and the Creative Class team of A Vision Shared (www.visionshared.com) for working so hard to get feedback from around the state, I have to provide special thanks to some folks who have just been so tireless and dedicated to this cause.

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