November 29, 2007

The Fiber has been cut

I spent the day without Internet access, well most of it anyway. Starting a new business without access to the network is no fun. I spent the first hour and a half thinking it was something local. Then I finally called the company and the rep told me "The Fiber had been cut and the entire 304 area code was out of service."

The good news. We are back. And my home network is a little tidier where I cleaned up the wires while I was testing each connection.


  1. I tend to act like "I don't know what I'm going to do!" when that happens. There are so many other things that I like that don't involve the internet (reading, photography, etc), but knowing I can't get online is so distracting I can't do anything else. It's an odd dependency.

  2. Exactly, I was working in Powerpoint when it first went off and I was like , "I'm not going to get anything done, this is terrible." Just knowing that you might be getting emails, but you can't read them is crippling. Probably would not be considered healthy by a lot of people.

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