September 15, 2009

Google's New Interface for News: The FastFlip

Google has released a new interface for thier news. FastFlip. I think it is interesting because it represents another way to access and browse information. As we start to combine realtime information such as Twitter search and Google Waves with news and articles we need new ways of reading through the large amounts of data. I kind of like the new format, but I am not sure if I would seek it out. I have been using Cool Iris more lately so maybe it can be useful.


  1. Lee, I agree that this a cool new format for news. It will make staying current quick and easy. My only critique is that while in flipfast, you can't really read the text of the article. If the text were a little larger, you would avoid actually visiting the article website.

  2. You wonder if that wasn't a choice in order to get the publishers to agree to participate?