October 24, 2006

New Employee Orientation will Change

Welcome, [insert name here] to your new job. You just have a couple of items to take care of for orientation, then a quick tour and you can get to work. Here is your iPod.

New Employee Orientation Task #1

Review the Welcome to our Team Video Podcast. It will tell you a lot about our company and our culture and our CEO explains our corporate vision. The HR staff will walk you through some basic ethics training and the IT Staff will exlpain a few of our policies.

New Employee Orientation Task #2

Access your newly created network account, it includes access our Basecamp Site and a corporate account on Del.icio.us, you internal Blog, Google Apps, and LearningFlow.

Please note, when you leave, our company retains all rights to the media resources and content you have created while employed here.

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