December 9, 2009

About Three and Half Years to Appear

I wrote this post in April 2007 wondering if my cell phone could be connected to my bathroom scales so that I could easily monitor my weight. I happen to like to weigh in a lot.

Well, is now available.

So what else is now available from this list?

I want it to be the key to my car and home.
I want it to track my family members and tell me where they are.
I want it to be my wallet.
I want to watch the news on it.
I want it to translate different languages.
I want it to be a universal remote control.
I want it to monitor my heart rate and blood pressure and transmit the data to my doctor.
I want it to access my virtual worlds.
I want it to jam all personal communications of other people near me.
I want it to just be a phone.

I want it to link to my bathroom scales.
I want it to load all my podcasts, wirelessly. Functionality yes, practical no
I want it to always have my location on a google map. (We are close.)
I want it to alert me when I am within 10 miles of anything on "my interests" list like a Mountain Bike shop or a Ben and Jerry's.
I want it to capture my audio and email me transcripts.Thanks Jott
I want it to link to my car and tell me when and what maintenance to do. (Ford Synch, but not open)
I want it to have an awesome, high quality camera embedded. (Relatively speaking maybe)
I want it to project a full size light keyboard on any flat surface so I can type into it.
I want it to offer free data services.
I want it to be indestructible. (Ok, I've dropped mine a few times.)


  1. Well, there's Zipcar (iPhone app can find, unlock, and start a Zipcar), and I'd imagine a few of your other requests are just around the corner.

    Now, the one about typing into a projected "light" keyboard, I don't even know how that would work. So far, everything to that degree has been based on the touch, and if you're projecting onto a wooden desk, well, you know, the desk doesn't have a brain. But maybe one day when every object in life has a circuit board, that will become a reality, haha.

    Cool stuff.

  2. That is cool. I didn't know about the Zipcar app.

    I saw a "mock" video of it once. Maybe someone will create it.